From the Artists’ Perspective

In practice, Foster Expression, Inc. begins with the arrival of the Foster Express – a self-contained art bus, complete with materials, lesson plans, and volunteer instructors, pulling up to the driveway at group homes, social services organizations, and other non-profits and charitable organizations that work with foster youth. Like the ice cream truck, the Foster Express brings joy to its patrons!

The young artists who participate in one of these mobile classes can opt to offer their artwork for display at future exhibits, for use in use in art prints (posters, calendars, greeting cards, etc.), or potentially for direct sale. These young artists and their loved ones will be invited as guests of honor at the exhibits, where they’ll hobnob with other artists, donors and interested members of the public. Here they can talk about their art, sell it, put it up for auction, or just sit back and take it all in. All proceeds are returned directly to the artists in the form of college savings funds.