Get Involved

Foster Expression, Inc. welcomes your help in any form.

  • We are currently accepting donations of new or lightly used art supplies, including paints, paintbrushes, canvases, high-quality paper, oil pastels, china markers, etc.
  • Our mobile art classroom, The Foster Express, is still an idea in the making. If you have a van, bus, or similar vehicle you’d like to donate, please contact us.
  • If you are an art instructor and would like to donate your time and expertise to lead a class, we’d love to hear from you.
  • If you are a professional (or amateur) framer, or affiliated with a frame shop we’d love to partner with you; your services are invaluable to the artists, by turning their creations into marketable objects of value at our future gallery exhibits and fundraising events.
  • If you are affiliated with or represent a business or organization with an idea for a project or partnership, or if you would like to sponsor Foster Expression, Inc. in exchange for publicity and exposure of your product to a philanthropic and art-loving audience, we’d love to hear from you as well.
  • Individual monetary contributions are of course always appreciated, and tax-deductible.

Reach out via the Contact Us page, and we’ll be in touch!